Health Information Requirements and Forms

New Student Health Information Requirements

All new students are asked to provide health information to Student Health Services.  Health care delivery is maximized when the student’s personal health history is available for review.  Continuity of care is enhanced when the student’s private physician includes Student Health Services in their treatment plan.  Complete and up to date medical information is needed in order to provide safe and effective care.  All records are considered confidential; they are not shared with anyone in The University system. 

Student Health Services does maintain health records for the duration of the student’s enrollment and for seven years beyond the date of graduation.  Records older than seven years are not available or retrievable.  Students are encouraged to keep a personal copy of their immunizations with other important personal documents in case they are needed in the future.

Proof of health insurance is not required for matriculation at The University of Scranton.  All services provided to undergraduate students at Student Health Services are covered by tuition fees.  Graduate students must opt-in for a $65 per semester fee.  The University of Scranton does not bill insurance for student visits.  Payment for services received outside of the University (i.e., outpatient clinics, ER/hospital, laboratories) are the student’s responsibility.  Students are encouraged to carry a copy of their insurance card with them and to be familiar with its use while they are in Scranton.

To complete your Health Information Requirements please log into your Student Health Portal and upload/complete the following:  

  • Your vaccination record with proof of required vaccinations. 
    • Vaccination Policy  List of required vaccinations and Waiver process if you are seeking an exemption. 
    • Proof of Meningitis vaccination. Pennsylvania State Law requires that all students residing in a Residence Hall to receive the Meningitis vaccine. If you are declining vaccination, you must review  and upload the Meningitis Information Waiver to your Student Health Portal. 
  • Complete TB Screening Questionnaire In Student Health Portal  
  • Upload a copy of your most recent physical exam. Eligible Physical exams must be within 1 year of the start of the current semester.  
    • You may use our Physical Form  or submit paperwork provided by your physician. 
  • Upload a copy of your insurance card. 
In addition, please complete these electronic forms in your online Student Health Portal:
  • Complete Health History Form (found under the forms tab)
  • Enter Immunization History (found under the immunization tab)  The student transcribes the dates immunizations were received to the online form.

Note:  Records must be uploaded electronically to the Student Health Portal. Student Health Services will not  accept faxed or emailed records. All documents must be legible and in English.   

Follow these steps to upload documents:

  1. Log into your Student Health Portal .
  2. Click “Upload” from the menu bar on the top of the page.
  3. Choose which document you are uploading from the drop-down list example i.e., freshman physical exam, immunization history, insurance card or meningitis waiver.
  4. Click select file to see all of your electronic files on your computer or smartphone.
Click on the electronic file you want to upload.
  1. Click Upload.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific health evaluation/physical exam/immunization form?

Student Health Services does not require students to submit a particular form.  A print out of the most recent physical exam and an up to date copy of the student’s immunization form from the private medical provider are acceptable.  If the provider cannot supply the student with an electronic print out, the student may use this Physical Form .

The student submitted the required forms but it still says “partial” in Forms3.  What am I missing?

Staff is processing the forms as they are received.  It may take up to 10 days for uploads to be reviewed and processed.   When the student’s records are processed, the check list is marked.  Incomplete records are marked “partial”, as in “partially complete”.  A secure message is sent to the student advising them of which forms they are missing.  Students may click on the ‘partially complete” link in FORMS3 to access the student health portal and the secure message in order to find out why their forms are partially complete.  

I can't have my physical exam until after July 15 - what will happen?

Students who are encountering scheduling difficulties may provide Student Health Services with an uploaded copy of their most recent physical exam.  The student is asked to send a secure message to Student Health Services indicating when the updated information will be available. While there are no penalties for late submission, it is important to complete the forms as soon as possible.  

Where can I fax my records?

Student Health Services cannot accept faxed or emailed records.  Records must be uploaded into the electronic health records program.  Occasionally, a student may encounter difficulty uploading a form.  Forms may be mailed to Student Health Services if uploading is not an option.  Please do not incur an additional expense by sending documents via “overnight” or “express” mail.  There are no penalties for forms received shortly after the deadline. Remember, mailed forms can take up to 3 weeks for review and processing.

Tip: If you cannot scan your documents, you can upload a photo instead. Access your Student Health Portal through your smartphone or tablet and follow the prompts to upload a photo of your documents.  It's a snap to do!


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