No-Show and Late Arrival Policy

Student Health Services No-Show and Late Arrival Policy:

At Student Health Services, we remain dedicated to providing top-quality healthcare services to our students. To optimize resource utilization and meet the diverse needs of our student body, we have instituted a comprehensive no-show and late-arrival policy.

Policy Overview: Students who do not attend a scheduled appointment without canceling in advance or arrive more than 15 minutes late will incur a $20 fee. This policy applies to all scheduled appointments.

Cancellation Procedure: To avoid no-show fees, students must cancel appointments in advance. Cancellations can be completed over the phone or in person at Student Health Services.

Reminders: Students who have opted into our Text Message Reminder System will receive appointment reminders via text message, minimizing the risk of forgetfulness.

By adhering to this policy, our goal is to establish a more efficient and effective healthcare system for our University community. We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for contributing to the maintenance of the highest standard of care for all our students.

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