Eligibility and Services

All full time undergraduate students are eligible to receive services provided at Student Health Services.
Part time and graduate students who wish to access care may do so after paying a health services fee of $65.00 per semester. Payment is made at the Bursar’s Office or online in your My Scranton account.

Student Health Services does not bill insurance and there are no fees for basic services. Nominal fees are charged for some therapeutic items provided to students including, but not limited to, prescriptions medications, immunizations and tuberculosis testing. Payments may be made in the form of Royal card or cash. Credit and debit cards are not accepted.

All services are confidential. Medical information contained in medical records is confidential and may not be released without express written permission from the student or case of a court order. If there is not explicit permission from the student to share information with a family member, it is generally not ethical to do so. However, you (the student) may provide us with consent by completing this Medical Release Form.

A limited number of over the counter (OTC) medications are available for purchase on an as needed basis. Students are advised to keep regularly used prescription medications along with commonly used (OTC) medications safely stored in their room. Students should be familiar with the proper usage of commonly used medications prior to arriving on campus. The staff at Student Health Services is happy to assist students with any and all concerns. The following is a  Self Care Checklist  of items we recommend students bring with them to campus.

A vast array of services is available to students. These include visits for:

  • Acute and chronic illnesses;
  • accidents and injuries;
  • physical exams;
  • woman’s health exams.
  • health consultations;
  • emotional health concerns;
  • injectable medications ordered by other medical providers.

Students are asked to make an appointment to discuss their needs and establish a plan for injectable medications. While Student Health Services does not provide allergy injections at our campus clinic, we are happy to discuss local providers within walking distance from campus.

On occasion, it is necessary to refer a student for specialist care, x-rays, laboratory studies or emergency/hospital care. Students are advised to utilize their personal health insurance for these off-campus services. Students should carry a copy of their insurance card with them. They should also have a basic understanding of how to access their insurance coverage while at The University.

Students are encouraged to ask for assistance arranging off campus care if needed.

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