Wireless Network: ROYALSECURE

The wireless network provides a means of accessing the Internet without connecting to a port using an Ethernet cable. You must have a wireless network adapter installed in your laptop computer to use this service.

Four campus wireless networks are available:


  • This is a secure wireless network
  • Available across the entire campus
  • Must use University credentials to access
  • Use the University's Wi-Fi to save on your phone data plan


You must be a University student, faculty or staff to use our secure RoyalSecure wireless internet.

Everyone who wish to use the wireless network must:

Note: Unauthorized, open wireless devices are not permitted to maintain security. Do not attempt to configure a wireless access point in your dorm room. Periodically, buildings on campus are scanned for unauthorized wireless networks. If you are found operating a wireless access point, your network connection will be suspended.

Anyone in violation of these policies are at risk of having their university computing and network privileges revoked and/or having fines imposed.


ROYALSECURE is available to students, faculty and staff, 24 by 7 except for scheduled maintenance.

It is available in all campus indoor and outdoor areas.

Connect your Computer to ROYALSECURE

If you are currently off-campus

You may configure your computer for secure network access by following the directions available at cloudpath.scranton.edu/external/

If you are currently on our campus

Step 1: Connect your computer, tablet or phone to the University's network. This is done via wireless (ROYALAIR)

Step 2: Network Authentication:

  •  Launch a web browser - you will be redirected to a network authentication page. If you are not redirected, you can type in the web browser cloudpath.scranton.edu.

  • For PC and MacOS users, follow the instructions on the page to download and run the Cloudpath application.

Step 3: Download Cloudpath

  • If Cloudpath downloaded a file to your computer, run that file now.
  • A Cloudpath window should appear with Welcome to the University of Scranton Network.
  • Enter your Royal ID and password and click Continue.

Step 4: You will not be able to access the network until you have authenticated through Cloudpath.

  • After the wizard has completed you should see a successfully connected message on the last step
  • Click Done.

Step 5: You should now be connected to the University Network. Your Computer will automatically connect to RoyalSecure.

Connect your Mobile Device/Tablet to ROYALSECURE

Connecting an Android mobile device:

To connect your Android device, connect directly to RoyalSecure and fill in the following settings:

  • EAP Method: PEAP
  • Phase 2: MSCHAP-V2
  • Server CA Cert: Do Not Check (this could say do not use or something similar)
  • Identity: RoyalID 
  • Password: My.Scranton password

Be sure to leave the anonymous identity empty. If it does not connect, you might need to forget the network (along with forgetting RoyalGuest and RoyalAir) and then reboot the device.  Then try the process again.

Connecting an IOS device (iPad or iPhone):

  1. Connect the device to RoyalAir and open Safari.
  2. Go to scranton.edu/wireless.
  3. Click the check box to Accept and click Start.
  4. A pop-up will ask you to Allow the download of a configuration profile.  Tap Allow.
  5. A message will say that the profile was downloaded.  Click close.
  6. Go back to Settings > Profile Downloaded (should be at the top).  This can also be accessed by going to Settings > General > Profile.
  7. Tap Install in the upper right and enter your phone passcode.
  8. Tap Install again.
  9. Enter your RoyalID and tap Next.
  10. Enter your my.scranton password and tap Next.
  11. Tap Done and go back out the main settings.
  12. It may then automatically connect to RoyalSecure or you may need to choose Royalsecure.

You should now be connected to the University Network.

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