Wireless Network: ROYALSECURE


The wireless network provides a means of accessing the Internet without connecting to a port using an Ethernet cable. You must have a wireless network adapter installed in your laptop computer to use this service.

Three campus wireless networks are available:

  • This is a secure wireless network
  • Available across the entire campus
  • Must use University credentials to access
  • Use the University's Wi-Fi to save on your phone data plan

You must be a University student, faculty or staff to use our secure RoyalSecure wireless internet.

Everyone who wish to use the wireless network must:

Note: Unauthorized, open wireless devices are not permitted to maintain security. Do not attempt to configure a wireless access point in your dorm room. Periodically, buildings on campus are scanned for unauthorized wireless networks. If you are found operating a wireless access point, your network connection will be suspended.

Anyone in violation of these policies are at risk of having their university computing and network privileges revoked and/or having fines imposed.

ROYALSECURE is available to students, faculty and staff, 24 by 7 except for scheduled maintenance.

It is available in all campus indoor and outdoor areas.

If you are currently off-campus

You may configure your computer for secure network access by following the directions available at cloudpath.scranton.edu/external/

If you are currently on our campus

Please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Connect your computer to the University's network. This is done via wireless (ROYALAIR)

Step 2: Network Authentication:

  • Launch a web browser - you will be redirected to a network authentication page
  • If Xpress connect does not load right away follow the instructions on the page for your operating system.

Step 3: Download Cloudpath

  • If Cloudpath downloaded a file to your computer, run that file now.
  • A Cloudpath window should appear with Welcome to the University of Scranton Network.
  • Enter your Royal ID and password and click Continue.

Step 4: You will not be able to access the network until you have authenticated through Cloudpath.

  • After the wizard has completed you should see a successfully connected message on the last step
  • Click Done.

Step 5: You should now be connected to the University Network. Your Computer will automatically connect to RoyalSecure.