Wireless Network: ROYALGUEST

The wireless network provides a means of accessing the Internet without connecting to a port using an Ethernet cable. 

Four campus wireless networks are available:


  • This wireless network provides campus guests with a free limited wireless Internet connection 
  • Coverage areas include Alumni Memorial Hall/Alumni Green, Brennan Hall/Founder's Green, The DeNaples Center, Hyland Terrace, McGurrin Lobby, Rupert Mayer House, Scranton Hall, and Weinberg Memorial Library/Galvin Terrace
  • The guest wireless network is not secure -- guests should assume all use can be monitored by unauthorized parties


You must abide by the University of Scranton Computing Policies when using this network, including monitoring for the maintenance of operations, and obliges users to adhere to all applicable policies and laws, including fraud and abuse of network systems and copyright infringement.

Anyone in violation of these policies are at risk of having their university computing and network privileges revoked and/or having fines imposed.


  • Internet access is limited to 4 hours per day
  • Users can download a maximum of 50MB per day
  • The University of Scranton reserves the right to terminate connections to the guest wireless network at any time without notification
  • This service uses a pop-up window for session control and usage statistics.  If you are using a pop-up blocker in your web browser (e.g. Yahoo Toolbar), please allow pop-ups from the wificontrol.net domain

Disclaimer: The University of Scranton does not endorse views or opinions found on pages directly or indirectly accessed from our website. 

Additional Resources

Support is limited to verifying whether the guest wireless network is currently operational, which can be done by contacting the Technology Support Center.
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