M365 Champions

Champions are curious individuals who collaboratively work with IT to help further the University's mission and goals by applying Microsoft 365 products to daily operations and workflows to increase efficiencies and improve processes.

Who are these Champions

  1. They help coach people along, deprecating old ways of working and ingraining new ways of working.
  2. They lead by example and help peers use M365 more effectively.
  3. They receive additional training to become well-versed in M365 applications and best practices.
  4. They believe that collaboration is essential in furthering the mission of the University.

YOU might be a Champion if you are

  1. Interested in extra M365 training as part of your professional development.
  2. Great with people, comfortable with computers and have patience to teach others and offer explanations.
  3. Passionate about test driving M365 Apps alongside IT to determine use cases and implementation strategies.

Expectations as a Champion

  1. Participate in IT-run brainstorming workshops that assesses the current use of M365 tools and reviews new features/apps, to increase implementation success.
  2. Brings community feedback to Champions meetups to discuss and help resolve.

Join us!

Be part of the team by emailing julie.brackeva-phillips@scranton.edu.

M365 Workgroup

Upcoming Initiatives

  • Build a Champions program to drive awareness, adoption, and education of M365 products.
  • Expand the Teams implementation to reintroduce meetings and campus event management. To replace other chat and meeting apps, such as Zoom and Slack.
  • Start campus conversations to replace bboard with Yammer, an app that drives online engagement to help build community.
  • Assist in the implementation of Microsoft Azure MFA to replace Duo.


Governance of Microsoft 365 is managed through the IT Leadership Team.


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