Banner ERP

Banner ERP, a product from Ellucian and available through the my.scranton portal, provides an interface to software applications needed to perform work within the administrative offices at the University.

Banner Admin is a fully integrated administrative solution that supports all campus constituents. It stores data entered through online forms into a relational database. A relational database connects data stored in multiple tables to create a complete record. The specific information displayed on a specific form depends on your security level and on the context in which you are using the data.

Employee Applications is an interface to additional processes and reports that augment the Banner system. Many of the reports available through Employee Applications have been developed in Argos, which is a third party reporting tool by Evisions.



  • If you are a new employee and need access to software applications to perform your job or are a current employee and need additional access, reference the Banner Support Contacts page to find the person to contact to obtain the necessary access. If you know the access that you need, you can enter a request for Banner Security through Royal IT Support, Request a Service, Business & Administrative Systems, Banner UserClass Security. If you already have a bannerid, check the applications that you have been authorized to use.
  • Before given access to Banner, you will be enrolled in and will need to complete Security Awareness Training.


Banner ERP is available 24/7, except for scheduled maintenance.

Access to Banner is controlled using an additional userid, referred to as a bannerid. The interfaces to the applications are divided into Banner Admin and Employee Applications.


Scheduled maintenance is mostly scheduled on Saturdays, between the hours of 6 a.m. and Noon. This window can also be expanded if needed for major upgrades to Banner ERP. If you are hosting an important event that requires the Banner ERP to be available, please inform the Banner Support Contact for your department/division. 

Additional Resources

Data Disclosure Compliance

The University recognizes the privacy of individuals in accordance with FERPA and any other applicable laws. No information from records, files, or data directly related to a student shall be disclosed to individuals or agencies outside The University without the express written consent of the student. The only exceptions to this policy of access involve public information, response to a lawful subpoena or court order and government officials as required by FERPA. Information contained in such record may be shared within The University with those who have a legitimate education need to know the information. Records originating at another institution will be subject to these policies. Disclosure of University data to students is the responsibility of the faculty or staff member authorizing its use. The University policy related to student information is available in the Office of Vice Provost for Student Formation and Campus Life. The confidentiality policy relating to alumni information is available in the Office of the Alumni Relations.
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