Argos is a user friendly web based reporting tool that is available campus-wide. Argos effectively meets reporting needs from simple ad hoc queries to advanced dashboards with interactive charts and data cube. Argos provides a customized gateway to student reporting data for academic departments, student affairs, enrollment management, and other administrative roles with the University.


Note: Argos cannot be run from iOS devices (Mac). You may request a virtual Windows desktop by contacting the Technology Support Center.

  • Reports at your convenience: Access reports and dashboards whenever you need them, and on the device that works best for you.
  • Empowers timely decisions: A simpler, quicker way to run reports and visualize data, making your job easier.
  • Highly customizable: Easy to modify as your needs change.
Permission must be given for users to access specific forms and other Argos information. To request access, please select email

Argos is available 24 by 7 except for scheduled maintenance.

To access Argos reports

Permission must be given for users to access specific forms and other Argos information. Once that permission has been given:

  • In your browser, go to
  • Select the Banner tab
  • Under Employee Applications > Select one of the main categories
  • When open, choose one of the reports or forms you have access to from the list

Click here to find the forms and reports you have access to.

General Argos Information

General_Student Form Information

In Argos, one of the most commonly used forms to gather student information, is the General_Student Form. The many fields in the form allow users to extract precise student information from Banner, for a report using only needed data. To make the report easy to use, there are drop-menus for many of the fields that can pinpoint just the information users need to complete their report. The form allows for selections based on term, colleges with the university, majors, minors, levels, advisors, locations, and much more. A careful selection of these fields for a report, can give the user a complete answer to their query. The report can be rendered in a .csv or a .pdf format.