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Below you will find more information about the role and current Banner Coordinators. Each Banner component is supported by a Banner Coordinator in a given University department and Business Applications Analyst from Enterprise Application Services. All questions should be sent to the appropriate Banner Coordinator.

If your question does not fall within these areas please contact the Technology Support Center.

What is the role of a Banner Coordinator?

  • Serves as liaison between his/her department personnel and the IT Division, specifically Enterprise Application Services, Database Management Services, and Infrastructure and Security Services.
  • Reviews current uses of Banner in his/her department. Maintains knowledge of location and content of Banner documentation for selected Banner modules
  • Reviews new features of each Banner upgrade and coordinates with his/her department manager to decide if any new features can/should be utilized. Communicates decision to Enterprise Application Services.
  • Implements and documents standards for data being entered into Banner.
  • Tests mission critical applications in a timely manner after a new upgrade has been applied in the Banner TEST environment. Notifies Enterprise Application Services of any issues immediately upon discovering them.
  • Maintains documentation on the Banner-related processes or procedures used by the University community, specific to his/her department. Makes special note of any processes that affect other departments. Assures procedures provide data protection.
  • Communicates any new procedures or changes to existing procedures to end-users. 
  • Maintains an understanding of the database tables that support the uses of Banner in his/her department, as well as how the tables are related and how they interface with other Banner modules. 
  • Assures reliable data collection processes and archives data on standard cycles
  • Implements backup and recovery procedures that protect data integrity
  • Uses Argos reporting tool to provide information/data/reports to end-users.
  • Is the primary contact when security must be defined and assigned to end-users.
  • Reviews Royal IT Support requests for data, as well as new/modified software enhancements, data processing or report modifications. Fulfills such requests when able. If not able to fulfill, reassigns in Royal IT Support to IT department(s) as appropriate.
  • May serve on the Administrative Technology Advisory Council, Data Governance sub-committee, or other Banner-related committees. 
  • Responsible for the dissemination of information from PABUG, Ellucian Live, and conferences / visits that pertain to Banner. 

Banner Student system

The Banner Student system covers the areas of Recruiting, Admissions, Course Scheduling, Registration, Grades Processing, Academic History, CAPP, Faculty Load, Financial Aid, Accounts Receivable and Location Management/Housing.

The Banner Coordinators for these components are as follows (email addresses are found in the parentheses

Banner Financial Aid system

The Banner Financial Aid system covers the areas of Financial Aid application processing, needs analysis, requirements tracking, budgeting, packaging and disbursement, funds management and loan processing, and Student Employment

Banner Advancement/Alumni system

The Banner Advancement/Alumni system covers the areas of Alumni and Development, including: Constituents and Organizations, Prospect Management, Pledges & Gifts and Events Management

  • Development/Alumni Functions - Carl O’Neil ( Denise Kuzma (

Banner Finance system

The Banner Finance system covers Requisitions, Purchasing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Budgets

Banner Human Resources system

The Banner Human Resources system covers Employee/Human Resources Administration, Position Maintenance, Payroll/Compensation, and Employee Benefits. The User Coordinators for these components are as follows:

Banner Auxiliary systems

The Banner Auxiliary systems cover those applications developed by IT Development & Applications to enhance the systems provided by Sungard HE for its Banner software.  Most of these applications are found on the Employee Applications tab or University Links tab of the portal. The Coordinators for the following Auxiliary systems are as follows:

Banner Document Management System (BDMS)

The Banner Document Management System (BDMS) covers all applications where documents are scanned, indexed and made available via Banner.

Banner Workflow system

The Banner Workflow system covers the development of applications defined as a workflow. The ITDA Business Application Analyst for the department/system will coordinate any requests for Workflow applications or support for that department.
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