Participants in the University's health plan have free and easy access to physicians 24x7. SwiftMD is often the first call they make at the onset of an illness or injury. If it can be treated by a routine office visit or a trip to an Urgent Care Center, SwiftMD offers a convenient, high-quality healthcare alternative. 

Benefits from SwiftMD include:

  •  Consults with doctors via phone or videoconference available 24/7
  •  Diagnoses and advice for many common medical conditions
  •  Prescriptions called in to your local pharmacy when appropriate
  •  100% employer paid -- NO out-of-pocket expenses for you and your family
  •  Avoid unnecessary visits to the ER and long waits for doctor appointments
  •  Utilize SwiftMD services while traveling anywhere in the US
 Visit SwiftMD for more information!
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