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The Mothers' Room

The Mothers' Room was established to support working families, in particular, nursing mothers at The University of Scranton.  This room is a quiet, peaceful space furnished with a comfortable chair, table and a refrigerator to allow breastfeeding mothers the privacy and comfort needed to express the milk their infants need for healthy development. 

Guidelines for use

  • Please respect all mothers using this room by:
    • Keeping the space clean and tidy
    • Limiting use to lactation only
    • Bringing your own breastpumping supplies

Access and Use

  • Currently the Mothers' Room is in the Loyola Science Center
  • Nursing mothers may check out a key for three month periods of time by calling ext. 7767
  • Each person is responsible to bring their own breastpump and applicable supplies (tubing, breast shields, bags/bottles)
  • The employee is responsible for proper clean-up of the area before exit
  • The employee is responsible for the proper storage of milk
  • If at anytime the room is found unkept or unsanitary, it is the responsibility of the employee to contact the Office of Human Resources
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