Employee Assistance Program

The Office of Human Resources offers various Employee and Employee Relation programs and services.  All of the University's health insurance plan options include mental and behavioral health benefits.  In addition, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), NextGen, offers professional counselor services, including confidential counseling  in-person or over the phone for a variety of stressful issues such as marital, family, substance abuse, depression, stress, grief, health and more.  To contact NextGen call 1-800-EAP-CALL (1-800-327-2255) or log on at www.nexgeneap.com and enter the Company ID 1549 along with the employee's first and last name, email address, last 4 digits of the social security number, zip code and date of birth.

NexGen EAP’s enhanced Mental Health Virtual Services will feature a new, barrier-free, digital suite of therapeutic offerings aimed at addressing your employees' mental health needs by providing expanded benefit solutions including:

Video, Live Chat, and Text-based Coaching & Counseling

Over 5000 Personal, Self-Guided Mental Health tools and resources

Clinical & Wellbeing Assessments and Courses

Expanded Mindfulness Resources and Guided Meditations

Advanced Workforce Analytics

These new and exciting service enhancements will elevate the NexGen EAP that you have come to trust and depend on for your employees. NexGen will continue to offer the same robust and integrated services, only now they will be connected to the new, digital ways of accessing wellbeing services that your workforce is asking for. These new Virtual Service Enhancements will be live and updated in your NexGen EAP app in October 2022!

EAP Program Information

EAP Grief Counseling & Support

EAP Personal Assistant Service

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