Service Learning Time Sheets

    * Acquire a Time Sheet (Available online)
    * Fill in the appropriate information.
    * Take the Time Sheet with you to your service site. All Time Sheets must clearly note the Service-Learning hours and must be signed by the appropriate supervisor(s). Officers in student organizations or students organizing specific events on-campus should not sign as supervisors on the time sheet.
    * Students are strongly encouraged to pursue service activities off-campus in the local community.  
    * A new time sheet must be submitted for each service-learning course.

    * Time sheets now must be printed, completed with appropriate signatures, and submitted to your course instructor. Your course instructor will then submit them to the PCPS Dean's Office. We recommend that you also make a copy of your finished time sheet for your own records before submitting it to your course instructor.


Service-Learning requirements must be completed before the date posted by the PCPS Associate Dean (usually one to two weeks before the last week of classes).  The deadline for submitting Time Sheets will be posted on the Service Learning Website.