Our Curriculum

Students in the Panuska College of Professional Studies are liberally educated in the Ignatian tradition.  Our students in the helping professions are leaders in their field because of their intense study in their major and their liberal education that include the development of general skills and skills in their major.  Our students think critically because they have the opportunity to develop both depth and breadth in the major, the cognate, and in the areas of natural science, social/behavioral science, humanities, philosophy, and theology.  Within these disciplines students will also take at least two courses that are writing-intensive and two courses with a strong cultural diversity component.

Designation of Courses Fulfilling General Education Requirements

Courses that fulfill general education requirements as described in the outline below can be identified in catalog and course bulletin listings by a letter code in parentheses preceding the course title:
(Q) Quantitative Reasoning      
(CH) Humanities/Culture: History       
(CL) Humanities/Culture: Literature      
(CF) Humanities/Culture: World Languages      
(CA) Humanities/Culture: Arts      
(CI) Humanities/Culture: Interdisciplinary      
(E) Natural Science      
(S) Social/Behavioral Science       
(P) Philosophy or Theology/Religious Studies      
(W) Writing Intensive      
(D) Cultural Diversity

Courses having more than one letter code indicates that the course satisfies multiple general education requirements, reducing overall requirements; e.g., (CH,W) satisfies both a Humanities/Culture: History and a Writing-Intensive requirement.

Please see the current course catalog for more information on the General Education curriculum. Also, please refer to the departmental course listings in the catalog for complete course descriptions.

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