Many community agencies and organizations require volunteers and students doing service learning to obtain Pennsylvania Child Abuse and State Police Criminal Record Check especially if they want to work with children.  To determine if an agency requires clearances refer to the Community Outreach Office's list of agencies or contact the agency directly or your professor.

Clearances can take up to four weeks to be processed.  It is recommended that students who are sure they want to work with children should file the clearances as early as possible in the semester.

Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Check:

1) Applicant must secure Form SP4-164, Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Check from Center for Social Action and Services Initiatives, PA State Police Barracks, or download a form from this web site.

2) Applicant completes PART I only.

3) You should include your name, address (local or University address), and telephone number as the requester.  Do not use the name or address of Center for Social Action and Services Initiatives or Agency name as requestor.

4) Under the REQUESTER IDENTIFICATION section, check the box for Individual/Noncriminal Justice Agency.

5) Under the REASON FOR REQUEST section, check EMPLOYMENT.

6) Enclose a certified check or money order for $10.00 payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. NO CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

7) Send the REQUEST FOR CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK with payment to the following address:

Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository-164
1800 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9758

Forms will be processed by State Police as they arrive.  The State Police will return the Criminal Record Check to the applicant by mail within approximately four weeks.  To check on the status of the Criminal Record Check, call (717) 783-9144.

Applicant presents background check information to prospective agency.  The ORIGINAL should be RETAINED BY THE APPLICANT and may be used for all volunteer or employment verification for the one-year period after issuance.  The agency or organization shall make and keep a copy of the original.

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance:

In addition to the Criminal Record Check, all applicants must obtain a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance. You may obtain this form from Center for Social Action and Services Initiatives or the Department of Public Welfare web site.

   1. Type or print clearly and neatly in ink Section I only.

   2. Address must be Applicant's current local  address.

   3. All information must be completed in full. (The form asks for all previous names, addresses, and household members since 1975). This information must be provided to the best of your knowledge and belief. If necessary, attach additional pages.

   4. Application must be signed.

   5. Enclose a $10.00 money order for each application. No cash or personal checks accepted. Agency or business checks are acceptable.

   6. Do not send any postage paid return envelopes.

   7. Application should be placed in a business-sized or larger envelope prior to mailing.

   8. One block must be checked for Purpose for Clearance. Do not check more than one block . Check the School Block.  Choosing any other block will greatly increase the time it takes for the forms to be processed.

To check on the status of a request for the Child Abuse Clearance, please call the Department of Public Welfare Childline and Abuse Registry at (717) 783-6211 or call 1-800-932-0313.  Give your name and social security number and ask staff to check the status of your form.  They will call you back.