Steps to Fill Out Your Online Course Evaluations

To complete the evaluation(s), log into my.Scranton and follow the steps below:

1. On the Home page of my.Scranton, find the display card labeled Launchpad.

2. In the Launchpad, click the Self-Service link.

3. Click the Student Services & Financial Aid tab.

4. Click the Course Evaluations link.

5. All of your courses for the current term/semester will appear, however, the status field will indicate which evaluations are to be completed at this time.

6. Select one of the courses listed as "Click to Evaluate" in the status field and complete the evaluation. A partially completed evaluation is not saved; therefore, you must complete an entire evaluation once you begin.

7. Click Submit after completing the evaluation.

8. Repeat these steps for all courses where "Click to Evaluate" is indicated. 

9. Double check the status field to be sure it states, "Evaluation completed" for each of your courses.

Please be aware that there is a 30-minute time- out for completing course evaluations online through my.Scranton. If you have detailed comments that you want to add to a course evaluation, you may want to type those comments into a word processor before accessing my.Scranton. Then, once you access the evaluation you can paste the text from your word processor.

If you encounter technical problems accessing the online course evaluation forms, please contact the Technology Support Center at 941-HELP.

If you have other questions or comments, please contact your professor, or Brian Snapp at (570) 941-4040.


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