Technology Enriched Classrooms


There are currently 240 mediated spaces on campus. These rooms are considered smart classrooms, conference/seminar rooms, auditoriums, group study spaces and recording spaces. These rooms provide the ability for faculty and presenters to use and display various forms of media. Each classroom is typically equipped with a computer, projector, screen, document camera, speakers and a control system. The conference/seminar rooms are typically equipped with a flat screen display and connectivity for laptops.

Click for Equipment Database

Instructor PC Applications

A list of installed Instructor PC applications (or software) is available in the current database to help in the preparation and assignment of classrooms:

  • Go to and log in
  • Select Building
  • Select the room by clicking View
  • Scroll down to Equipment and select Instructor PC
  • This will show you a list of the Installed Applications

Use the Search feature

You may notice that the list of Installed Applications can be quite lengthy. To limit the number of results, type the application you are looking for in the Search box.

Please note that if there are student machines in the room, they will have the same software as the Instructor PC.

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