Student Guide to Course Evaluations


The University of Scranton Course Survey (USCS) is the official form for student evaluation of courses. Course evaluations are administered by the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE). The CTE works with a technical advisory group, known as the “Course Evaluation Committee” (CEC), to make recommendations regarding technical aspects of the evaluation tool, its administration, and the reporting of the course evaluation results. In addition, the Academic Support Committee (ASC) of the Faculty Senate is responsible for making recommendations to the full Faculty Senate regarding the course evaluations.

Course evaluation summaries are used by the individual faculty, department chairs, and deans to help the faculty enhance their teaching skills. A major goal of the University community at large is to achieve and maintain the highest possible quality in the educational process. The summaries are also used by the department chairs, deans, Provost, and Board on Rank and Tenure for making personnel decisions. Student comments from the summaries are only provided to the individual faculty member. This FAQ will provide information on the history, evolution, use, and interpretation of the USCS.

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