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"I like the variety of courses that were offered outside of the core curriculum. It was helpful to learn what areas of the field I was interested in before entering the workforce. Political Science, in general, has a broad range of professions that fall under its umbrella, so being able to find a niche was very helpful.  

Quantitative and Qualitative research was so helpful. It’s the foundation of everything you’ll do no matter what direction you chose to go in after graduation." 

Deanna Giorno (Class of 2013)
Deputy Chief Operating Officer, County of Bucks


Research Opportunities

The Department of Political Science offers several opportunities for undergraduates to become involved in research, including coursework, independent study, and the University’s Honors Program.


A small number of Political Science classes offer hands-on research training (Political Science Research and Comparative Civil Wars). Hone your skills developing surveys, collecting and analyzing data, or coding and conducting interviews under the guidance of one of our faculty members.

 Faculty-led Research

Apprentice with a faculty member in the Faculty Student Research Program (FSRP). The FSRP program provides opportunities for students to work with faculty on some cutting-edge research. Working closely with faculty, you can cultivate professional relationships, enhance your research skills, and deepen your knowledge and skills in areas of special interest. Students who complete the FSRP receive transcript recognition.

Independent Study and Research

Independent studies provide students the opportunity to conduct independent research and receive course credit at the same time. In independent studies, students work under the guidance of a faculty member and conduct research into a subject of their interest. Assessments for the independent study often consist of a final paper presenting the findings of your research. Credit earned through independent study may be used to satisfy one elective requirement in the department if at least three credits are earned and a grade is given. No independent study course may be used to satisfy a required Political Science course.

The Honors Program

The Honors Program offers the Political Science Department’s seniors an opportunity to complete a substantial work of original research. Eligible students will be invited to apply in the fall of their sophomore year.


The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) at The University of Scranton provides valuable assistance to undergraduate students who wish to engage in research. The ORSP oversees the Student Opportunities in Academic Research (SOAR) initiative. SOAR includes the following funding sources:

The Department’s Ignatian Global Citizenship Program (IGCP) also has limited funding available to support student research. Funding through IGCP is available once Student Travel Funding has been exhausted.

Sharing your research

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