Student Opportunities in Academic Research (SOAR)

Student Opportunities in Academic Research (SOAR) encompasses the following (occur during academic year and summer):

  • Faculty Student Research Program (FSRP)
  • President's Fellowship for Summer Research (PFSR)
  • Research as a High Impact Practice (rHIP)
  • Student Travel Funding
  • Celebration of Student Scholars (COSS)
  • SOAR Information Sessions

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Faculty Student Research Program (FSRP): The principal purpose of the FSRP is to offer students the opportunity to be involved in faculty research activities. The FSRP offers students powerful learning experiences which transcend the traditional roles of faculty/student relationships. Students receive transcript recognition for their participation.

FSRP - Learning Contract


Questions: Contact Therese Kurilla at


President’s Fellowship for Summer Research (PFSR): ORSP offers ten undergraduate student summer research grants. One award will be specifically reserved for a project stemming from the Humanities, and one from the Social Sciences. Stipends of $3,000 are offered to provide students with the opportunity to engage in a research project with a full-time faculty mentor during a ten-week period. In addition to the $3,000 student award, $500 is allocated for materials and/or student travel.

 PFSR 2023 Application

Questions: Contact Therese Kurilla at


rHIP proposal submitted should be a collaborative effort between the student and the faculty member, with the student providing a project description, and the faculty member providing specific information about potential learning outcomes.  Although research project funding needs vary greatly between disciplines, we expect that the average award will be approximately $500.  Requests that exceed that amount will require justification.

rHIP Applications are due in early November.  Please contact Therese Kurilla at with questions.

Student Travel

Student Travel Funding: ORSP provides funding to assist our student researchers in covering costs related to travel to conference and professional meetings where they are presenting their research. Students may be eligible for up to $300 in reimbursement of expenses.

Student Travel Application

See student travel page for more details.

Questions: Please contact Brooke Leonard at


Celebration of Student Scholars (COSS): This annual Spring event celebrates both undergraduate and graduate student scholarship by featuring their work through physical displays and/or oral presentations of their research and creative efforts.

The 2023 Celebration of Student Scholars occurred Wednesday, April 26th, from 12 - 3pm on the first floor of the Loyola Science Center. The listing of undergraduate and graduate student presentations included many disciplines and interdisciplinary rigor, representing the College of Arts & Sciences, Kania School of Management, and Panuska College of Professional Studies.  

Please contact Therese Kurilla at or Phil Swank at for further information.

SOAR Information Sessions

SOAR Information Sessions: The SOAR information sessions allow undergraduate students an opportunity to explore research related programs on campus.
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