Course Descriptions

The European Union class concludes with an inter-university competition that occurs in Washington, D.C., each fall. During the three-day simulation, our students debate proposed legislation from the perspective of an EU member state. Students are challenged to sharpen their rhetoric, deploy strategy and outfox the villains, all while thinking and speaking as their alter ego would.

Political Science majors must earn passing grades in six core courses (eighteen credits). These courses provide students with a foundation for domestic and international and empirical and normative approaches to studying politics. Normally these courses must be completed at the University of Scranton. In addition to the six core courses, Political Science majors entering the University in 2018 must complete an additional six electives (eighteen credits). Students who initiatiated their studies prior to fall 2018 must complete seven elections (twenty-one credits). Depending on their interests, students can focus on domestic or international politics or a combination of both.

Finally, we believe that students should have a firm grounding of United States, European, and world histories. Two  History courses are required to complete the Political Science cognate. Students who initiatiated their studies prior to fall 2018 must complete four designated History courses. Please see Department Chairperson Dr. Michael Allison ( or your advisor with questions. Political Science minors must earn passing grades in all six courses.

Several Political Science courses also contribute towards the fulfillment of University-wide General Education and program-specific requirements.