Political Science Internships

"I learned a lot of things related to the Court but also things that are going to be helpful for me later in life as I journey through law school and into the real world of being a lawyer.

The most important part of this "aha" moment [discussing with the judge the sentence he gave to an old woman] for me was to learn that doing this job really is not easy not only because it's a lot of work but also because you are taking part in shaping the life of an individual.

Being able to work with a United States Judge for the Middle District of Pennsylvania and his staff has been one of the best experiences of my undergraduate career...I was able to learn so much while having fun." 

Danny Yuresko (Class of 2020) is a senior Political Science major and Criminology minor from New York City.​​

We strongly encourage political science majors to complete at least one internship prior to graduating from the university. Internships are an invaluable educational opportunity. In addition to assisting students in determining their long-term career aspirations, internships may easily improve students' chances of gainful and satisfying employment.

The University of Scranton is within walking distance to hundreds of internship opportunities, many of them specifically geared towards political science majors. Students frequently intern with the Office of the Lackawanna County Public Defender, Lackawanna Pro Bono, and dozens of small and large law firms housed in and around Courthouse Square.

Government internship opportunities are available with U.S. Senators Robert Casey (D-PA) and Pat Toomey (R-PA); U.S. Representative Matthew Cartwright (D-PA 17th District); State Senator John Blake (D-22nd District); and the Office of the Mayor. Our majors have interned with various state and county agencies and The Institute for Public Policy & Economic Development, which is conveniently located on campus.

Students also have the opportunity to pursue internships in Washington, D.C. and while they are studying abroad. The possibilities are endless. Recent graduates have turned these internships into full-time jobs at Lackawanna Pro Bono and the National Institutes of Health.

Financial support for internships are available on a competitive basis through the Scully Scholars Program and the Congressman and Mrs. Joseph McDade Program for Public Service Scholarship, as well as The Royal Experience Internship Program. Please contact the chair or visit the websites for these financial opportunities.

For more information on internships go to The Gerard R. Roche Center for Career Development or contact Dr. Jean Harris who oversees our Political Science internship program.

District Attorney’s Office

Gabriella Fletcher (Class of 2019) interned with the District Attorney's Office in summer 2017.Gabriella Fletcher

“The fact that I not only listened in courtrooms and delivered documents but I discussed, read and thought about the cases in a critical way with other interns and lawyers made my internship such a positive experience. I enjoyed my internship because it helped me realize what kind of law I would like to practice."

U.S. Senate District Office

Brian Maguire (Class of 2018) interned with Senator Bob Casey's Office in 2017.Brian Maguire

"During my tenure as an intern in United States Senator Bob Casey's office, I was able to gain the hands-on, practical experience that a classroom cannot provide. I am extremely grateful toward Senator Casey and staff for providing me with the opportunity to transfer knowledge gained in the classroom to a professional setting. My time interning has only confirmed my desire to work in public service after graduation."

Middle District of Pennsylvania Federal Court

Joseph Marciano (Class of 2018) interned with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator, 3rd Circuit Middle District of PA Federal Court.

“The networking that occurred during this experience could never be provided in any job fair across America. Also, the amount of knowledge that I gained is incomparable to any college classroom...I went from walking into the courthouse with a humble attitude towards learning the law, to someone that was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate on a subject that overwhelmed my thought process.”

Local law firms

A.J. Messineo (Class of 2018) interned with an attorney at private law firm in fall 2017.

“This internship has helped me to find direction as to what I want to do, and how all my studies up until now, apply to the real world...I attended a naturalization ceremony. This was one of my favorite experiences through my internship and I recommend attending a naturalization ceremony to anyone who loves this country.”

A.J. Mackarey (Class of 2018) interned with a local law firm in fall 2017.

“When I saw the trust that people put in their attorneys, I knew the legal profession was more than a place to make money. It is a place that changes lives...There was nothing more satisfying about the way the office worked than when a client came in, all out of sorts, thinking they were not going to be okay and then walking out after a meeting more confident in themselves and the legal process than ever before. I realized that I could one day be a part of something special...I would recommend to any political science major to do an internship because the whole process is smooth and easy and it is very different from sitting in class listening to a lecture.”
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