Community Dialogue


Virtual Community Dialogue Connects Participants in Community

In this time of physical distancing, University of Scranton faculty, staff, and community partners lead an effort to collect and share residents’ stories of resiliency and strength. This effort began with a virtual Community Dialogue on April 29, 2020.

The event "Finding Community Amid Coronavirus: An Online Dialogue: Drawing Strengths from the Past to Inform Today’s Challenges" drew over 30 participants together to share their own personal stories of strength and to learn from other community members. Participants joining from a range of backgrounds, spanning generations and across diverse racial/ethnic identities, came together in dialogue as members of our shared community. 

This Community Dialogue event allowed participants to find connection during a time of physical distancing. Through the course of shared dialogue, participants and facilitators alike discovered that although our challenges are unique, we all share common ground. Hearing the authentic stories from others truly fostered connection and provided a new perspective on the challenges that we are all facing together in this unique time. 

Share Your Story of Strength

Building on this dialogue, we have created a website for you to share your stories of strength and community. 

In light of the current pandemic, we invite you to share story of when you or your community found the strength to overcome a difficulty. We hope that by reflecting on lessons of resilience from your past and from hearing the stories of others in the community, you will find connection and identify strengths to draw upon in the face the coronavirus challenges of today.

With your permission, we will catalogue and share these stories with the broader public to provide encouragement and opportunities for learning in this time of crisis.