Worship Schedule

Worship schedule during THANKSGIVING WEEK 2019, Nov 25-Dec 1:

Nov 25 to Nov 27 (Mon to Wed): 12:05 pm and 4:40 pm in Sacred Heart Chapel.

Masses/services will NOT be offered on campus on the following dates:
     Nov 28 to Nov 30 (Thu through Sat)
     Dec 1 Sunday Masses at 11 am and 4:30 pm

Mass will be offered only on Sun, Dec 1 at 7 pm only in Madonna della Strada Chapel.


Madonna della Strada Chapel

415 Monroe Avenue, just off Mulberry Street
11:00 am, 4:30 pm, 7:00 pm

Sacred Heart Chapel
820 Linden Street, across from The Estate
Mon - Sat:                             12:05 pm
Mon-Wed, & Fri                       4:40 p.m.
Thu:                                         7:00 pm followed by the Rosary and Benediction)

Campus Mosque
306 Taylor Avenue just off Linden Street (one block from Condron Hall)
Friday: 1 p.m.

Byzantine Chapel in Ciszek Hall
Thursday: 4:40 p.m.

While the University is grounded in Catholic teaching and tradition, we recognize the gifts inherent in a diverse student body. Campus Ministries supports students of all religious traditions and seeks ways to honor the multiple religious expressions of our students. Our worship services are celebrated when the University is open and while classes are in session.

Liturgical Ministers

Students serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Ministers of Hospitality, Liturgical Readers (Lectors), and members of our Music Ministry as choir members, cantors, and musicians. Join us!

Campus Ministries, DeNaples Center 200

Phone: 570-941-7419 / Fax: 570-941-4837