El Salvador Educational Pilgrimage

About the Pilgrimage

The University of Scranton has a long tradition of supporting and accompanying the people of El Salvador in many ways. The El Salvador Educational Pilgrimage leads delegations of Scranton faculty and staff to El Salvador to learn from the people of El Salvador and to grow in faith and solidary. We will visit the historical sites from the Salvadoran Civil War, including the sacred sites where the Church Women, St. Oscar Romero, and the Jesuit Martyrs were killed. We will meet with local leaders and stay in rural communities to learn about the present reality of the country and the struggles of its people. Our final visit will be to the UCA (the Jesuit University of El Salvador), where we will meet with personnel who continue to endeavor in helping the poor and marginalized so that we may better answer the call of our own University.

Want to Apply?

When considering applying for this experience, we ask you to take into consideration the many challenges facing post-war El Salvador and the daily struggles of the Salvadoran people. While your personal safety is always secure, participants should be willing to shoulder some personal sacrifice with respect to the comforts we take for granted every day. In many ways, our lives will be connected to the Salvadoran people for that week.


If you would like to apply, please answer the questions below and email the document to Ryan Sheehan. The deadline for submitting applications will be Friday, October 27. We encourage both faculty and staff to apply.

 1. What makes you think you are ready to benefit from this program, and what do you hope to gain from this experience in terms of your faith?

2. In what ways would an experience such as this animate your understanding of the mission and purpose of the University of Scranton, and do you anticipate areas in which you could incorporate the experience into your work at the University?

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