The Jesuit Center


The University of Scranton is animated by the 450-year old living tradition of Jesuit education. 

ihs-logo.pngThis tradition, which is rooted in the broader and deeper tradition of Catholicism, is sustained by the on-going commitment of men and women whose daily work gives shape and life to the University. 

Their work is the visible face of the University.  The faith and vision that motivate that work are the soul of the University.  The Jesuit Center is committed to helping all who work at The University of Scranton understand and integrate their faith and their work in the context of our living tradition.

The Jesuit Center seeks to be a resource for all who work at The University of Scranton who ask themselves the seemingly simple question, “What difference does it make that I work at a Jesuit university?”

Mission Statement

The Jesuit Center assists The University of Scranton in keeping its Catholic and Jesuit character at the center of the educational enterprise. 

Dedicated to advancing the University’s strategic vision of “providing a superior, transformational learning experience” for its students, the Center does this by:

  • Fostering faculty and staff participation in the Jesuit higher educational mission
  • Supporting faculty teaching and scholarship that advances the University’s Catholic and Jesuit character
  • Promoting Ignatian spirituality within an interreligious context
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