Quick Answers: Argos

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please contact please contact the Technology Support Center at 570-941-HELP (4357) or email techsupport@scranton.edu.

How do I open Argos?

Argos Reports are accessed through the my.scranton portal.

  • Go to my.scranton.edu and log in
  • Click the Banner ERP tab
  • Select a report listed uner Employee Applications

How do I know what reports I can access?

  • In the Banner ERP Tab
  • Find the Employee Application channel
  • Inside the Applications Menu, select one of the areas listed
  • When that category opens, select your report from the list
  • Argos reports always have the name of the report or application, followed by the description
    Example: GEN_STUDENT_CSV: Argos - Contains all General Student (excluding GPA) information in .csv format

In what formats can reports be delivered?

  • csv – a spreadsheet report that can be opened and used in Excel or converted to an Excel file, for further uses and options.
  • pdf – creates the report in PDF format that can be opened by most computer users. Report works best for static uses and reference.
  • QV – QuickView Report is a report based on QuickView saved data. It is the easiest to use with a minimum of trouble to access the data.

What is the General Student Report?

This report returns general student information based on selections of data from many fields available to the user. It can be returned in .csv, .pdf, and QV formats. It can also be printed as a report, or sent to the print shop for mailing labels or other uses.

How do I find out about the terms used in Argos?

Review the Argos documentation on our IT Resources documentation and training website (authentication required).  Simply search for "Argos" in the search box at the top of the page.

Is Argos a part of Banner?

Argos is an integrated program with Banner. Argos, is our enterprise web-based reporting software and has the capability to capture data from Banner that can be used to create many types of reports.
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