Graduate Assistantships

The Kania School of Management at University of Scranton offers approximately eleven graduate assistantships to the students studying for their MBA. An assistantship covers tuition up to 36 credit hours of study and pays approximately $6500 as an annual stipend.

New applicants to the MBA program, both domestic and international, are encouraged to apply for assistantship positions. The candidates should complete an application for assistantship and send it to the Graduate School office, along with a current copy of their resume. The applicants should also send two letters of recommendation directly to the MBA Program Director. The deadline for submission of application is November 1 for the Spring assistantships and March 1 for the Fall assistantships.

The candidates are selected on the basis of their GMAT score, academic preparation, grades, research and computer skills, and letters of recommendation. The candidates may have to appear for personal interviews as well.

For the spring 2012 semester, the following students are working as graduate assistants.

  • Kelly Bieker
  • Samuel Calabrese
  • Kathleen Cino
  • Christian Dugan
  • Barry Eiden
  • Brian Gaffney
  • Vinay Kumar Jani
  • Kevin McLaughlin
  • Jessica Palmeri
  • Daniel Parisi
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