The PRISM Group

The PRISM Group is a select group of undergraduate students who have the responsibility of managing a portion of the endowment fund of the University. The Group meets on Tuesday at 11:30 AM throughout the year to discuss investment strategy and to make buy and sell decisions. The students must also explore the ethical ramifications of their decisions. PRISM stands for Portfolio of Responsible Investments under Student Management.

The following students have served as leaders of this Group.

  • Joseph Witkowski
  • Erich Schauer
  • Jana Czyzyk
  • Damian Richardson
  • Alex Josephite
  • Christian Coburn
  • Joegi Mathew
  • Joseph Colantuono
  • Greg Jones
  • Raheel Malik
  • Fred Fuchs
  • Michael Dwier
  • Ryan Omensetter

The current co-leaders are Daniel Parisi ( and Daniel Krajewski ( To read news about PRISM, please click here.

The current value of PRISM portfolio is approximately $228,000.

Riaz Hussain has served as the moderator of the PRISM Group since its inception in 1999. For additional information, please send an email.

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