Student Presentations

Student Presentations

The MHA program provides graduate students with the option of taking a 3 credit course, HAD 517: Global Health Managment, a 10-day study abroad experience.  Currently, students have the option to travel to Eastern Europe, Brazil or Costa Rica.  The trip to Eastern Europe runs twice annually in late May and in early October.  The study abroad to Brazil runs once in January during intersession.  The Costa Rica study abroad will run for the first time in August 2015.   

Faculty and Graduate Assistants are currently working on developing the study abroad experience to Asia. 

In January of 2014, four MHA students went on a ten day trip to Brazil. To learn more about their experience, please view the slideshow below. 

Study Abroad Trip to Brazil

In October of 2018, MHA students went on a ten day trip to Brazil.  Please view PowerPoint presentation below to view pictures. 

Study Abroad Trip to Slovakia