Undergraduate Students

First Year Students

  • For registration purposes, first year students are classified as having earned between 0 and 26.99 credits.
  • All students are required to participate in the TAPESTRY program and all first year students are required to attend the annual Freshman Lecture, which is part of Community Based Learning (CBL).
  • We strongly encourage first year students to seek help and advice early from faculty, advisors, counselors and tutors.
  • First year students should become familiar with the University Catalog and departmental handbooks.


  • For registration purposes, sophomores are classified as having earned between 27 and 56.99 credits.
  • Sophomores can study abroad in most majors as early as the second semester of sophomore year.
  • Sophomores have special housing designations in various residence halls, in a quad-style format.
  • Sophomores should start thinking about the Accelerated Programs offered at Scranton. Accelerated programs are offered in Education, Counseling, Nursing and Health Administration. This is a way to jump start your graduate education.


  • For registration purposes, juniors are classified as having earned between 57 and 86.99 credits.
  • Juniors in their first semester are eligible to apply to an Accelerated Program. For specific admissions criteria, contact the PCPS Coordinator of Graduate Academic Services.
  • Rising juniors are not required to live on campus. Permission must be obtained through the Off Campus Application process to live off campus.
  • Juniors in most majors begin an internship during this year. An internship application is needed in order to do an internship. Pay attention to deadlines for your program.


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