Accelerated Students

Undergraduate students with outstanding academic records can apply for early admission into the Accelerated Master's Degree Program. The program allows them to enroll in graduate courses while completing their bachelor's degrees.

Some programs may require specific application documents and some programs may have deadlines to apply. Be sure to review the Graduate Admissions website for additional information.

In participating undergraduate programs, students may apply up to 12 of their accumulated graduate hours toward the completion of their undergraduate degree requirements.

PCPS offers accelerated programs in Education, Counseling, Nursing and Health Administration.

The student's undergraduate advisor, in consultation with the graduate program director, will recommend graduate coursework that can be substituted for undergraduate classes.

The selection of the graduate course work and the number of credits to be applied toward an undergraduate degree requires the approval of the student's undergraduate program advisor, the chair of the department housing the student's undergraduate program, the graduate program director in the student's academic discipline, and the Dean of the Panuska College of Professional Studies. 

Students will earn their degree upon completion of all undergraduate requirements and will then continue with their graduate study. Graduate coursework taken as part of the undergraduate program will also count toward their graduate degree.

If you are considering an Accelerated program, meet with Tammy Manka, PCPS Coordinator of Graduate Academic Services, as early as sophomore year to see if you are eligible for admission and to plan the remainder of your undergraduate coursework. Contact her at


 Steps for Registration

  • All accepted and confirmed PCPS Accelerated students must meet with his/her graduate mentor and advising center to select graduate-level coursework.
  • All course selections must meet the Accelerated Master’s Degree Program Curriculum Approval Worksheet in your advising file.
  • The Coordinator of PCPS Academic Services will register you for your graduate courses on the first day registration opens for the upcoming term.
  • Accelerated students are unable to self-register for graduate coursework while an undergraduate student.



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