MBA Program Learning Goals and Objectives

1. Each student will be skilled in recognizing (dealing with) the implications of integrated business processes in managing the enterprise.
A. Students will analyze ineffective business practices that result from poorly integrated business processes.
B. Students will formulate sound proposals for improving integrated business processes.

2. Each student will be ethical, socially responsible, and just when making business decisions.
A. Students will evaluate business decisions within an ethical framework.
B. Students will critique business decisions on the basis of social responsibility.
C. Students will evaluate business decisions with regard to their impacts on environmental sustainability.

3. Each student will be capable of synthesizing/analyzing information as to make sound business decisions.
A. Students will apply a systematic approach to solving business problems.
B. Students will evaluate financial statements and documents to support business decisions.
C. Students will use appropriate technologies in gathering and analyzing data relevant to managerial decision-making.

4. Each student will be a gatekeeper, trained to scan the global environment of business, identify current trends in the industry, and disseminate information throughout the firm.
A. Students will analyze the impact of global business issues on specific management situations.
B. Students will relate current global events to emerging business opportunities.

5. Each student will be a leader and/or manager who understands group dynamics and is capable of influencing others to achieve organizational goals.
A. Students will demonstrate appropriate group techniques to lead a team task that results in effective performance.
B. Students will demonstrate effective leadership skills in a group project.

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