Marketing and Management Department

Course Offerings


MBA 504B.
Marketing Module (1 Credit)

The MBA module in marketing is designed to introduce students to the basic techniques of analyzing customers and formulating integrated product development, pricing, distribution, and communication programs.

Marketing Course Offerings

MKT 506.
Marketing Management (3 Credits)

(Prerequisite, MBA504B) Analysis of the conceptual and tactical mechanisms of marketing management with emphasis on how today's firms and institutions mobilize their resources to achieve market penetration, sales volume, and satisfactory profits. Marketing planning with control and implementation of strategies as major aspects of decision making. Also, exploring market opportunities and formulation of marketing policies (marketing mix) exemplified through case studies.

MKT 561.
Marketing Research (3 Credits)

(Prerequisite, Mkt 506) Marketing Research is studied as the basis for decision making, for analysis of markets, and for evaluation of marketing strategies through systematic gathering of information and evidence. The foundations and methodology of research, including behavioral sciences and multivariate analysis, are discussed. Research projects are conducted by the class participants and research applications to marketing problems are exemplified.

MKT 562.
Promotion Management: Advertising and Selling (3 Credits)

(Prerequisite, Mkt 506) A study of the promotion activities of business firms and institutions; analysis of audience behavior and motivation; communication through mass media and person-to-person interaction including advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity; the development of an integrated promotional strategy to generate sales and profits through informing, persuading, and activating middlemen and consumers.

MKT 563.
Global Marketing (3 Credits)

(Prerequisite, Mkt 506) A study, of the managerial problems in international marketing, covering factors affecting international markets in different cultural areas of the world.

MKT 564.
Consumer Behavior (3 Credits)

(Prerequisite, Mkt 506) Study of the basic factors influencing consumer behavior with emphasis on managerial use of consumer decision making models from both economics and the social sciences.

MKT 569.
Special Topics in Marketing (3 Credits)

MKT 596.
Study Abroad in Asia (3 Credits)

This course offers an opportunity to travel and learn about marketing issues in parts of Asia. Topics include B2B and B3C marketing protocols, cultural basics and complexities that affect business and relationships in these countries, joint venturing and sourcing, and some basics about the legal systems of these countries.

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