Enterprise Resource Planning Certification



The Certificate Program in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is offered by the Kania School of Management through its longstanding association with SAP, the world’s largest business software company, as a member of that organization’s University Alliances Program. This fully online program is comprised of four courses that extensively utilize SAP’s ERP software, and is designed to enable professionals to enhance their managerial and technical skills set without having to leave their homes or interrupt their careers.
ERP systems are setting the pace in the information technology revolution and are re-shaping the way the world does business. Equipped with proficiency in the configuration, utilization, and strategic application of ERP software across a wide range of business functions, those completing the program stand in a unique position to deliver value, innovation, and growth to their companies and to their own careers.
Admission Requirements

All applicants for the certificate program must be admitted to the College of Graduate and Continuing Education at The University of Scranton. While a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution is required, no prior familiarity with SAP software is assumed. If a student is later admitted into the MBA program (based on the admissions criteria established by the program), all certificate courses can be applied toward the MBA degree.

The certificate program comprises the following four online courses:
l MBA 510: Integrated Enterprise Management Systems
l ERP 511: Production Planning and Control
l ERP 513: Treasury Management
l ERP 514: Accounting Integration and Configuration
Students must complete all four courses to earn the certificate. Each course is of eight weeks duration.

SAP Certification
Students who complete the Certificate Program in ERP will be eligible to participate in a week-long boot camp offered through the SAP University Alliances Program. The boot camp provides intensive training followed by a certification examination. Those who pass this exam will additionally receive the SAP Associate certification.

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