Management Information Systems

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MBA 501C
Information Management Module (1 Credit)
An introduction to computers and how they can be applied to the operations and management of business firms. Topics include data-processing concepts, overview of computer hardware and software, modern data and information processing systems, and applications of computers in business.

Course Offerings

MIS 504.
Management Information Systems (3 Credits)
(Prerequisite, Mba 501C) The course is designed to educate students to the importance of information systems in managing profit as well as not-for-profit organizations such as: manufacturing, banking and health care. The course emphasizes the role of information systems to increase productivity, to improve the quality of products and services, and to insure overall effectiveness of organizational operations. The course introduces the student to information and communication technologies; information system evaluation and development processes; information technology applications for problem solving and management decision making; and use of information technologies to transaction processes and customer service. Appropriate application software will be used to get hands-on experience, to analyze cases, and to complete the class project. The student is expected to have basic knowledge of computing skills.

MIS 546.
Business Database Management Systems (3 Credits)

(Prerequisite, Mba 501C) This course focuses on the overall structure of database management applications with emphasis on the relational approach. Topics covered include: database design, data dictionaries, query system, methods of storage and access, data definition and manipulation, data security and integrity, recovery and concurrence, distributed database management. Students will learn to design and implement database applications using micro and/or mainframe computers.

MIS 548.
Business Intelligence (3 Credits)

(Prerequisite, MIS 504 or permission of instructor) Business Intelligence (BI) systems are sophisticated analytical tools that attempt to present complex organizational and competitive information in a manner that allows decision makers to make effective decisions in a timely manner. This course will explore the capabilities and benefits of business intelligence systems, data warehousing and data mining techniques. The course will investigate business intelligence gathering technologies as well as providing hands- on experience.

MIS 571.
Information Networks and Electronic Commerce (3 Credits)

(Prerequisite, MIS 504 or permission of instructor) The main focus of the course is on the use of data communication networks to support effective and efficient management of information both within the organization and among organizations and individuals. Topics include: basic concepts of communication networks; analysis of existing enterprise data and voice communication networks; network management; electronic commerce and the worldwide web; intranets and collaborative work; and emerging trends and issues in electronic commerce infrastructure. The course will include case studies and a term project related to the applications of information networks.

MIS 573.
Development of Business Applications (3 Credits)

(Prerequisite, Mba 501C) This course focuses on end-user development of business applications using visual, event-driven development tools. Topics include: problem-solving logic and the application-development process; objects, properties, events, and methods; design of user interfaces, dialogs and menus; macros and modular procedures; object linking and embedding; accessing databases; object-oriented programming concepts; and emerging trends in end-user application-development. Prior programming experience is not required.

MIS 574.
Business Process Reengineering (3 Credits)

(Prerequisite, MIS 504) Information technology (IT) makes possible new and radically different ways of performing business functions. This course will address the ways in which information technology can be used by organizations to restructure and redesign business processes. The course contents include: analysis of core business processes and cross-functional integration, identification and evaluation of opportunities to apply IT to business processes, design and development of solutions to reengineer business processes, development of implementation plans, and analysis of the key implications of the plan in terms of costs and organizational changes. Students will analyze and discuss several cases involving the use of IT in reengineering.

MIS 575.
Internet Applications (3 Credits)

This course provides an introduction to Internet business models, and explores the electronic commerce infrastructure and web technologies. Students will gain hands-on experience in creating web sites using various scripting languages.

MIS 577.
Global Information Systems (3 Credits)

(Prerequisite MIS 504) This course examines the role of information systems and telecommunication technologies in managing international organizations. Topics include: impact of information technology at the functional level of multinational corporations; types of international information systems; organizing and managing international information systems; changes in telecommunication regulations; international standard setting organizations; building strategic alliances through information technology; and emerging information technology applications to understand and resolve issues raised by international trade and business. Students will discuss major cases that involve global information systems applications to multinational corporations.

MIS 579.
Special Topics in Management Information Systems (3 Credits)

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