Zoomed in view of quote, "Of those whom much is given, much is expected" at the entrance of Brennan Hall

CURA Consulting Club

C.U.R.A (Compassionate United Royal Advisors) Consulting is the Kania School’s newest club. It provides students with hands-on consulting experience on real-world projects, specifically for non-profit organizations in line with the University of Scranton’s Jesuit ideals and mission.

The club is open to all students regardless of school or major, including graduate students.

This year C.U.R.A Consulting has partnered with the Scranton Chamber of Commerce and Homeboy Industries. 

2022-23 Officers

Co-Presidents: Emma Boyle and Matthew Earley

Outreach Coordinator: Claudia Pitts

Treasurer: Thomas Csehovics

Secretary: Marissa Angelo

Publicity: Caitlin Connallon

Fundraising: Sarah Boyle

Junior Officer: Aidan Cagner


Dr. Doug Boyle (douglas.boyle@scranton.edu)

Dr. David Mahalak (david.mahalak@scranton.edu)

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