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The Accounting Department strives for continuous improvement so that our program responds to the changing needs and demands of the global business world. Every industry has a demand for accounting professionals. An accounting provides a foundation for students interested in growing from entry level positions to senior level leadership. We're dedicated to cultivating and preparing students to succeed in whatever path they choose.

Accounting Major

Our four-year Bachelor of Science program provides a solid foundation in business and accounting for students interested in careers in the accounting industry and government, in pursuing graduate studies (for example, in law) or in running their own businesses. This program is appropriate for students interested in professional certifications such as Certified Management Accountant and/or Certified Internal Auditor.


The four-year accounting program consists of a total of 125-127 credits. To receive a degree in accounting, the student must earn at least a “C” in each of the two accounting principles courses (ACC 251ACC 252). The curriculum challenges students by incorporating business core courses, major requirements, and upper-level major electives. 

Courses required in addition to the Business Core Courses:

  • ACC 363 - Federal Taxes 
  • ACC 461 - Cost Accounting 
  • ACC 460 - Advanced Accounting I
  • ACC 364 - (EPW) Auditing Theory
  • ACC 474 - Accounting Information Systems 
  • ACC 490 - Accounting Analytics and Visualization 

The following electives may also be selected:

  • ACC 370 - Fraud Examination 
  • ACC 462 - Advanced Managerial Accounting 
  • ACC 463 - (EPW) Financial Statement Analysis & Research 
  • ACC 465 - Accounting Communications 
  • ACC 470 - Law for Accountants
  • ACC 472 - Advanced Accounting II
  • ACC 470 - Law for Accountants
  • ACC 463 - (EPW) Financial Statement Analysis & Research
  • ACC 472 - Advanced Accounting II 
  • ACC 473 - Advanced Auditing 
  • ACC 477 - Advanced Auditing Issues: Information Systems Auditing
  • ACC 465 - Accounting Communications


Five-Year Combined BS / MBA Program

Our Combined BS/MBA program was developed in response to the requirements to become a Certified Public Accountant. Most states (including Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and after December 31, 2011, Pennsylvania) require candidates to accumulate a minimum of 150 credit hours of higher education. 

The combined program allows qualified students the opportunity to efficiently earn both a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration degree with an Accounting specialization.

Students interested in this BS/MBA degree program should apply as early as December of their junior year.  Criteria for acceptance into the combined program include:

  • the student's previous academic performance,
  • GMAT score,
  • letters of recommendation
  • statement of purpose. 
With judicious course scheduling, most students can complete the program within five academic years.


The Forensic Accounting minor (18-credits) provides students with the acute skills needed to prevent and detect occupational fraud. This specialty can prepare students for careers in law, business, and government. 

The Accounting Information Systems minor (18-credits) builds on basic accounting and incorporates information technology to prepare students for careers in fields such as accounting, business, government, non-profit management and law enforcement.

Our students also benefit from the 18-credit Business Analytics minor (offered by the Operations and Information Management Department) and its focus on data analysis.

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