Accounting Internships

Dr. James Boyle, DBA, CPA, Accounting Internship Director

General Information

The University of Scranton's commitment to internships as an integral part of the educational process is strong and growing.

  • Every year a substantial number of our accounting students participate in internships.
  • The majority of these internships receive academic credit.
  • The majority of these internships are paid.

Internship Opportunities

The University of Scranton is ideally situated for a wide variety of career opportunities.  Our campus is located 2 hours from Philadelphia and New York City.  From global Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurial start-ups and everything in between, students are exposed to innumerable opportunities in every industry imaginable.

Below is just a short sample of some of the exciting companies where KSOM students have recently interned:

  • Big 4 Accounting Firms (Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PWC)
  • CitiGroup
  • AXA Equitable
  • Sanofi Pasteur
  • UBS
  • Senator Bob Casey Jr
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Federal Reserve Board
  • Merrill Lynch
  • ESPN

Benefits of Internships

  • Internships enhance the classroom experience by providing students with real world application of accounting theory in actual business settings.
  • Internships help students make important life-long professional contacts.
  • Internships help students gain a better understanding of the demands, expectations, and specializations that exist in the profession which can help them tailor their own specific educational and career plans.

Time for full time internships:

  • Part time during any time throughout the year.
  • Full time during the summer break , or
  • Full time during our ‘winter' timeslot, extending from the beginning of January through Mid-march. This winter timeslot requires advance planning to ensure that a student can take advantage of the special compressed courses the School offers upon their return in March. If properly planned, this time slot allows students to participate in full time internships during what is typically one of the busier seasons for the accounting profession while still maintaining full time student status and staying on track for targeted graduation dates.

Requirements for receipt of academic credit:

  • Departmental and School approval before the internship begins.
  • Weekly communication with the accounting department internship director.
  • Oversight by a qualified onsite supervisor.
  • The development of clearly defined learning objectives and internship responsibilities.
  • The maintenance of a daily journal during the internship.
  • The composition of an academic paper upon the conclusion of the internship.
  • The possession of a 2.67 or better grade point average.

Application process for academic credit:

       1) a job description provided by the employer on their letterhead,
       2) the University-required ‘internship proposal' as composed by the student,           
       3) the signature of the onsite supervisor on the application.
  • The department will determine whether the experience merits academic credit based upon the materials presented by the student in the application.