Combined & Accelerated Programs

Accelerate Your Future

The University of Scranton offers undergraduate students the opportunity to earn both a bachelor's and master's degree through a Combined Baccalaureate/Master's Degree Program or an Accelerated Master's Program. If interested as an undergraduate student, we recommend students work closely with Advising. Program advisors will develop an individualized curriculum for each student based upon opportunities for graduate courses to meet undergraduate degree requirements and space in the student's course schedule. Students will earn their undergraduate degree upon completion of all undergraduate requirements and will then continue with their graduate study. 

An accelerated student may register for a maximum of 12 hours of graduate coursework while still classified as an undergraduate student.

If you decide not to enroll, you will have to re-apply as a traditional graduate student. 

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*Helpful Application Tip: Please apply for the term in which you want to begin taking graduate courses!


  • Faster completion time
  • Cost savings
  • Increased job marketability
  • Opportunity to study multiple disciplines

Accelerated Master's Degree Programs

  • Accelerated CAS Bachelor's/MBA Program
  • Accelerated KSOM/MBA Program
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MS)
  • Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling (MS)
  • Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity (MS)
  • Education (MS)
  • Finance (MS)
  • Health Administration (MHA)
  • Nursing (MSN)
  • School Counseling (MS)

Combined Baccalaureate/Master's Degree Programs

  • Accounting (MAcc)
  • Biochemistry (MS)
  • Chemistry (MS)
  • Software Engineering (MS)
           PCPS Advising                                                                               KSOM Advising
           Tammy Manka, M.S.                                                                    Adam Szydlowski
           Coordinator of Graduate Academic Services                             Graduate Academic Advisor
           McGurrin Hall 111 | 570 941 4286                                               Brennan Hall 206 | 570 941 6100
          CAS Advising
          Interested students should contact the director of the graduate program and the department of their
          undergraduate major to determine what graduate courses may be used to satisfy their undergraduate degree

For additional information about these and other graduate programs, please contact the
Office of Graduate Admissions at 570.941.4416 or