Business Analytics Certificate: India

The field of business analytics has been growing over the last few years as companies seek graduates who can analyze data to make informed data-driven business decisions.

7 Reasons to Choose Scranton

1. Study and Work. Get the graduate certificate while working.
2. Cost Efficient. Get a guaranteed scholarship! Save on cost of living by completing one year in India.

3. Exponential Career Growth. Fast track your career growth with an AACSB accredited business degree.

4. Visa Success Rate. With this program, the visa success rates tend to be higher since you satisfy the need of being a bona fide student.

5. Internationally Recognized Degree. Whether you settle down in the US or return back to India, your degree is recognized globally.

6. High Ranking University. Scranton's consistent rankings show that we are committed to excellence in education.

7. Location. We are located only two hours away (by road) from the world's finance capital - New York City!

Our Campus

Founded in 1888, The University of Scranton is a private Jesuit university in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Located two hours from New York City and Philadelphia, our location has a lot to offer. 
Our campus is in the heart of Scranton, a community of 75,000 within a metropolitan area of 750,000 people. From campus, you can walk downtown to eat, shop, visit a museum or see a show!

Connect With Us

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