Opt in Courses During a Non-Mandatory Semester

Instructions for full-time faculty only (faculty specialists, first-year faculty and adjunct faculty are automatically opted in each semester)

Follow these steps to override non-mandatory exclusions:

  1. Log into my.scranton.edu using your username and password.
  2. On the Home page of my.Scranton, locate the display card labeled Launchpad.
  3. In the Launchpad, click the Self Service link.
  4. Click on the Faculty Services tab.
  5. Click the Faculty Course Evaluations Menu link.
  6. Click Opt-In Courses During a Non-Mandatory Semester.
  7. Click the checkbox next to the course(s) you wish to include.
  8. Click the button Override Checked Exclusions.
  9. To return to the UIS, click Return to UIS.

If you encounter technical problems accessing the online course evaluation forms, please contact the Technology Support Center at (570) 941-HELP. Any other concerns or questions can be directed to OCE@scranton.edu or Brian Snapp at (570) 941-4040.
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