Faculty/Student Research

The Psychology faculty encourages students to engage in research as part of their academic experience. This recommendation applies to all students, independent of their interest areas and career aspirations. Speak to your advisor or any psychology faculty about engaging in research activities.

Scranton Psychology  provides 4 avenues for faculty-sponsored student research.  

  1. All students may volunteer their time as a research assistant without academic credit.
  2. The Faculty/Student Research Program (FSRP) is a university-wide opportunity for undergraduates in good academic standing. Although the FSRP program is offered on a non-credit basis, students receive transcript recognition for their participation. 
  3. Students may enroll in Undergraduate Research in Psychology (PSYC 493 and 494) which provides both academic credit and transcript recognition. Students can take either PSYC 493 or 494 for one to three credits in a semester. These credits are typically placed in the free elective and cannot be used as elective credits in the major. 
  4. Conduct research and write a thesis as part of the Honors Program.