Practical Experience

The engineering management program at The University of Scranton is home to a unique group of faculty and students who continue to push the limits of the engineering and business. With constant exchange and collaboration, the engineering management program stays at the forefront of exciting research and experimentation, while building a breadth of experience in business and economics.

Students also secure engineering-focused internships and more general internships that build business savvy. These kinds of experiences give our students the chance to explore their career interests in the field and find great jobs once they graduate.

"I am in charge of reviewing an entire team to make sure everything going into the new learning program is working perfectly to then publish it for the workers of this company to use. I get to communicate with people all over the world and I get to be a part of the management of important projects."

Nicholas Hook '20, Intern, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals


During his time here, Dan Ortiz '16, an engineering management major, obtained an engineering internship with Buro Happold, an international consulting engineering firm in New York City.

"I did quite a bit of work calculating device loads and circuiting the devices in the buildings. A job opportunity such as this allowed me to learn how to stay organized and calm while working on live project deadline schedules."

Read about his experience here.

 A University of Scranton engineering management education keeps students competitive with exciting opportunities, like:

  • Early access to specialized equipment. Use state-of-the-art tools to challenge yourself as you push the limits of technology — our students regularly win competitions with their devices across the region.
  • Personalized exploration. Learn about things that interest you with faculty mentors. The engineering management program is structured in a way for you to pursue subjects you find important. You will also have the opportunity to work with peers—the continuous exchange and feedback will push your achievements farther than you thought possible while giving you relevant leadership experience.
  • Industry exposure. Build your resume and your network by meeting industry professionals who regularly visit campus. The University of Scranton IEEE chapter, part of the world’s largest technical professional organization, brings alumni and engineering experts to campus every other week.

Engineering and KSOM students participate in the SimulTrain® project management game, which presents students with challenges that simulate real-life scenarios, mainly related to the workplace. The simulations help students gain both leadership and teamwork skills. Read more here.