Dan Ortiz

Dan Ortiz

5-yr Engineering Management/MBA
Class of 2016

Engineering Internship, Buro Happold

Throughout the summer of 2013, I spent my time working a full time internship position at Buro Happold. Buro Happold is an international consulting engineering firm located on the corner of Broadway and Wall Street in New York City.

As an electrical building services intern at this company, I found myself applying the knowledge I had gained in the AutoCAD courses completed sophomore year in order to fulfill my duties. My job at this internship was to aid in the construction of live projects by appropriately placing electrical power, telecommunication, lighting, and fire alarm devices throughout a 3D building model according to specific national and international building code standards.

I also did quite a bit of work calculating device loads and circuiting the devices in the buildings. A job opportunity such as this allowed me to learn how to stay organized and calm while working on live project deadline schedules. The projects were modeled in both Autodesk’s AutoCAD (which was supplemented with Design Master) and Revit software. Without prior knowledge of the Revit software, learning how to use this program was one of the biggest parts of my learning experience with this company. The nature of working in a consulting engineering firm required a lot of communication and public speaking, so the presentations that I have completed so far throughout my college career proved to be very beneficial. This internship increased my interest in building services and I plan on continuing my job search in this field.

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