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Engineering Management

Program Overview

Engineering management involves the study of business, economics, physics and electrical engineering to prepare students for management roles in the technology sector. Combining the disciplines of engineering and business into one major, students can gain in-depth technical knowledge and practical expertise, enabling them to excel in leadership and project management roles in a variety of engineering industries. 

"This program provides students with an interdisciplinary education in engineering, business, management, science, mathematics and general education to prepare graduates to assume leadership roles as technology professionals."

Andrew Berger, Ph.D., Department Chair

Engineering companies need managers who have a keen understanding of the field. The engineering management major at The University of Scranton prepares students with the necessary knowledge to be effective, ethical leaders for a broad range of engineering projects.

In the program, you will have the opportunity to explore your interests with the support of dedicated faculty, access to advanced equipment, and a range of challenging courses — from courses in physics and electronic circuits to economics and operations — with continuous connections and applications to real-world problems.

Learning Objectives

Building on knowledge and skills developed throughout the engineering management program, and advanced by experience and life-long learning, within a few years, graduates are expected to:

  • Apply engineering and core business knowledge to manage, develop, analyze and/or implement solutions to meet public and private sector needs.
  • Have organizational leadership and communication skills needed by entry-level professionals.
  • Have the ability to engage in lifelong learning.
  • Be ethical, socially responsible and just when making business decisions.

"What's great about this major is that it ties in with the Kania School of Management, so you're taking courses with us in engineering and also getting experience with exceptional professors in the business school. This program makes it very easy to get an MBA in one additional year."

Bob Spalletta, Professor in the Physics/EE Department


The Engineering Management major provides a student with a program of carefully selected business and economics courses coupled with a series of coordinated physics and electrical engineering courses so as to provide preparation for an administrative career in a technical business enterprise. The program also provides sufficient preparation for further studies leading to the Master of Business Administration.

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