The Department of Latin American and Women’s Studies (LA/W/S)

The Department of Latin American and Women’s Studies (LA/W/S) was established in 2009 to provide budgetary and administrative support for two autonomous programs, Latin American Studies  and Women’s and Gender Studies.  The two academic programs share a commitment to the interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary study of political, social and cultural issues and a commitment to the integration of curricular and extra-curricular activities as necessary to the formation of its students.    

The department offers students new knowledge about society, culture, identity, politics, power and social justice while equipping them with a wide range of analytical and methodological skills.  Both the Latin American Studies program and the Women’s and Gender Studies program support the University’s mission to promote the tradition of excellence promoted and exemplified by the Society of Jesus. The combination of liberal arts courses included in these multidisciplinary fields of study contribute to the characteristics and goals of the University’s strong grounding in the liberal arts.  Many of the programs’ courses draw from and/or compliment the general education curriculum.

Professors in the program are committed to:  1) helping students collect, analyze, synthesize, use, and disseminate information, 2) fostering educational experiences that inspire students to learn more about their chosen field, and 3) promoting a lifelong commitment on the part of all University members to expand their knowledge and remain inquisitive about all fields of study. 

Latin American Studies offers both an undergraduate concentration in Latin American Studies and an undergraduate major.  Women’s and Gender Studies offers both an undergraduate concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies and an undergraduate major

More than 30 faculty members are associated with one or both programs; an operating agreement was approved that outlines associate and affiliate faculty members’ professional obligations and responsibilities to the new department.