CAS Faculty Advisor Resources

Faculty advisors in the College of Arts and Sciences can use the information and links below to assist students.

NOTE: All forms can also be found on the Registrar's website.

Advisor/Faculty Access:
  • The records of students/advisees with catalog terms of Fall 2020 or later are captured in Degree Works.
  • Advisors/faculty may access Degree Works via the Student Profile or through Self-Service.
  • Google Chrome is the recommended browser. Internet Explorer will not gain access to Degree Works. 

Through the Student Profile:

  1. Within the portal, click on the Employees tab.‎‎
  2. Under the Registrar and Academic Services portlet, click on the Self-Service Student Advising Profile: Advisee Search link.‎‎
  3. Once you enter a student record, click on the Degree Works tab under the student's picture.‎‎
  4. Search for the student within the Degree Works application using the student ID or the Advanced Search feature.

Through Self-Service:

  1. On the homepage of the portal, click on the Self-Service link under Manage Your Personal Info.‎‎
  2. Click on the Faculty Services tab.‎‎
  3. Click on the Advisor menu.‎‎
  4. Click on the Degree Works link.‎‎
  5. Search for the student within the Degree Works application using the student ID or the Advanced Search feature.

Frequently Asked Questions:‎‎

What can Degree Works do for me?
How do I locate student records in Degree Works?
Which student records are in Degree Works?
How current is the information in Degree Works?
Is there a way to refresh a student’s record in Degree Works without waiting for the nightly update?
What if the student’s major or minor isn’t listed or is listed incorrectly in Degree Works?
How do I recommend a substitution or waiver for a course requirement?
What should I do when reviewing a student's courses in the "Free Electives/Courses Not Applied to Blocks Above" section?
What is the ”What If” feature?
What is the GPA Calculator?

The University has implemented a Student Success Attendance and Early Alert System during the 2021-2022 academic year, in collaboration with the Office of Student Retention and Completion and the Office of the Registrar.
Early Alert is a proactive, student-centered system of communication between faculty, staff, and academic advisors. It facilitates the identification of students who appear to be struggling in the academic setting.
The goal of the system is to provide students with resources and support early in the semester to aid them in their success at the university.

See More Information on Early Alert Systems
See More Academic Advisor Resources

Academic Advising Centers (in College of Arts and Sciences, Kania School of Management, and Panuska College of Professional Studies) 

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) --  offers services including tutoring, a writing center, reading and disability services, and accommodations 

Office of the Bursar -- student billing and accounts 

Office of Financial Aid 

Office of the Registrar -- registration information, course searches, catalogs, academic forms 

Career Services -- internships and career advice

Study Abroad Office

Student Behavioral Concern Committee

Student Counseling Center

Student Health Services

Student Life  Residence Life, Dean of Students, Cross Cultural Centers, CHEW, Student Conduct, Campus Ministries, Student Engagement