COVID-19 Updates and Changes


The University of Scranton Counseling Center
FALL 2020 Planning – Updated as of August 12, 2020

We encourage you to refer to the Royals Safe Together page, which details the University's current plans and up-to-date information.

The Counseling Center continues, as we have from the start of the pandemic, to be prudent and deliberate in our decisions and to recognize the singularity of the Scranton experience. We will continue constantly to assess the impact of the pandemic, especially into the future, and will adjust our response as warranted.

Our plan for the Fall 2020 semester is to provide access to all of our services.  However, under the current circumstances and challenges to keep each other safe during this pandemic, the Counseling Center will be providing their services, as much as possible, through the use of telehealth.  Students are still welcome to come to the 6th floor of O’Hara Hall to request services.  However, we would prefer that you contact us by phone at 570-941-7620 to schedule an appointment or to inquire about accessing any of our services throughout this semester.

PLEASE NOTE! that this is an evolving situation!  As we develop our responses based on any changes or find any additional resources for students, they will continue to be posted on our Counseling Center webpage.  Please check back to this page for more information about how our services and availability may change in response to the situation.

The Counseling Center provides free and confidential services for all enrolled undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Scranton. The Center is staffed by licensed psychologists, counselors and social workers. We provide individual and group counseling, consultations, assessment, and crisis intervention for students. The Counseling Center staff also provides after-hour consultative services to the University community. All of these services are provided from the beginning of the Fall semester to the conclusion of the Spring semester, including Intercession. During these summer hours, the Counseling Center still remains available for consultation and support.  For additional information, contact the Counseling Center at (570) 941-7620.


How to Obtain Services:

If you are interested in counseling services during the Academic Year, please contact the Counseling Center at any time.  If you are a new student to the Counseling Center or you are returning after a prolonged absence, you will need to be assessed for services.  You can expect to speak with a counselor between 10:00am-1:30pm Monday through Friday; returning students may be scheduled directly with a counselor.  You will be asked to complete several forms, some asking you to provide personal information.  After you complete these forms, a counselor will review your information and speak with you for approximately a half hour to assess your current difficulties and reasons for seeking counseling services.  The counselor will provide you with options and recommendations based on your needs.   

This appointment may take up to an hour, so please reserve enough time to complete your first appointment here at the Counseling Center.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 570-941-7620.  If this is an emergency, please utilize University Police at 570-941-7777 or 911.

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm