College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Student Research Grant Application Process

The CAS Undergraduate Research Grant is intended to provide support for undergraduate student research and conference presentations. Students may request up to $1,000*; however, funding is not guaranteed. Applications will be reviewed three times each academic year.

The application deadlines** for the 2023-2024 academic year are as follows:

  • October 1st
  • December 15th
  • May 1st

Completed applications with signatures and supporting documentation are required before or by the deadlines. All funding must be pre-approved and retroactive funding will not be provided.

Application can be found at academics/cas/cas-undergraduate-student-research-grant-application.docx

* No more than $1,000 per academic year

** If a deadline date falls on a weekend or holiday, the application is due by 3:00p.m.the Friday before the specified date.

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